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Autism Spectrum Interventions (ASI)

ASI is founded on the principle that all individuals with special needs deserve quality services.

The primary goal at ASI is that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Timothy M. Prior
Timothy M. PriorFounder & Executive Director
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We are happy that ASI came to work with our son. Thanks to all of you, my son is talking and does many things that he could not do before. My son now jumps, kicks the ball, pedals on the bicycle, goes to the bathroom by himself, knows how to dress and does many things independently. My Son plays at the park, touches the sand and has fun. My Son picks his food when we go out and participates in all our activities when we go on outings. Thank you ASI team for your support, my son has progressed at home and in school. Thanks to all of you, Daisy, Sarah, Obed and Barbara. Now I can play with my son without him getting mad. We learned how to speak to our son.
Parents of a Son With Autism
We feel very fortunate to have had ASI work in our home with our son Ayden. We always felt as though our ASI staff put our needs first. From scheduling sessions, to developing goals, our families needs were always first priority. We know we could call Tim Prior at anytime with any concerns we had. We watched Ayden go from constantly tantruming to tolerating being told “no”. Ayden was very frustrated because he could not communicate, and now he talks and communicates to us. ASI taught us the skills we needed to know to help our son. We loved all our ASI staff, and I honestly believe they loved our son and us too.
Parents of Ayden

ASI Philosophy

ASI believes that every individual with special needs deserves quality intervention. ASI ensures the quality of every program and utilizes only empirically established, evidence based practices. In addition, all ASI staff receive comprehensive training regarding autism and additional diagnoses, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other related topics. ASI’s direct intervention staff receive weekly supervision by experienced, well trained supervisors.

This ensures that every ASI client receives treatment that is current and effective. ASI facilitates a parent inclusion model. This ensures that the parent’s input and ideas are integrated into every program. The parent inclusion process starts at the beginning of the assessment process and is woven into every session. The clinical director of ASI is in contact with every family on a regular basis. This includes in person observations of on-going programs.

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